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Jewish Environmental Teachings on 18 Core Topics

Jewish Eco Seminars is proud to feature a wealth of new Jewish environmental teachings. 

ShiloFrom food, energy and waste to consumerism, Shabbat and prayer, the materials cover eighteen topics on Judaism and ecology. Each of the 18 topics includes a short article (800 words) with a brief overview of the topic for blogs and articles; a long article (2000-2500 words) for in-depth study of the topic; a study guide with Hebrew/English sources and discussion questions for chavruta study or group learning, a podcast with a teaching on this topic; and a short video for sharing.
The materials were developed by Canfei Nesharim in partnership with Jewcology.com and released as a “Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment.”  The director of Jewish Eco Seminars, Rabbi Yonatan Neril, worked with Canfei Nesharim on a consulting basis in developing the materials on all eighteen topics.
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Available Now:

Core Teaching #1: Trees, Torah, and Caring for the Earth
Core Teaching #2: Summoning the Will Not to Waste

Core Teaching #3: Compassion for All Creatures

Core Teaching #4: Sustainability in Settling the Land of Israel

Core Teaching #5: Slowing Down: Shabbat and Environmental Awareness

Core Teaching #6: Countering Destruction: Lessons from Noach

Core Teaching #7: Holy Use: Relating to Resources Sustainably

Core Teaching #8: The Spiritual Roots of the Environmental Crisis

Core Teaching #9: Passing the Test of Wealth

Core Teaching #10: Water: Appreciating a Limited Resource

Core Teaching #11: Praying for a Sustainable World

Core Teaching #12: Genesis and Human Stewardship of the Earth

Core Teaching #13: We are How We Eat: A Jewish Approach to Food and Sustainability

Core Teaching #14: Let the Land Rest: Lessons from Shemita, the Sabbatical Year

Core Teaching #15: Toward a Wiser Use of Energy

Core Teaching #16: Being a Good Neighbor

Core Teaching #17: Guard Yourselves Very Well

Core Teaching #18: The Glory in Creation: Valuing Biodiversity

Other Teachings:

To buy a publication from the Jerusalem Botanical Garden on Flora in the Bible, click here.